Brand name: Zoppas

Founded: 1925

Country of origin: Italy

“Durability”, “Simplicity”, “Dependability” are all words that define the brand Zoppas.

Throughout its long Italian heritage, Zoppas has always remained true to the principles on which it was founded in 1925: products that are long-lasting, simple-to-use, and designed with intelligent features. But it is the meaning of “robustezza” that most perfectly defines the brand. The English word is “robust”, but for Italians, the word has a stronger meaning: powerfully built, full of strength and endurance. That’s what Zoppas has come to stand for.

This is the ideal brand for a licensee looking for a name that exemplifies durability. The brand’s tagline is "Zoppas li fa e nessuno li distrugge". We can simply say: “Zoppas – Indestructable!”

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