Brand name: Atlas

Founded: 1898

Country of origin: Denmark

The mythical giant, Atlas, was known for his strength, holding the world on his shoulders, is universally recognized. Likewise, the brand name, Atlas, enjoys a similar level of wide recognition, especially in Denmark.

Since 1898, the Atlas name has appeared on a variety of products and businesses throughout Scandinavia, but the most widely accepted and recognized application is on cooling products. Market research shows that the public has a very high level of awareness for the Atlas brand. That strong reputation came from over half a century of production and the enviable honor of being the first manufacturer to provide Danish households with appliances. And while refrigerators and freezers were the brand’s mainstays, it also produced a wide range of other consumer products. Fortunately, the desirable Atlas name is once again available for the discerning businessman. Electrolux now offers it to those who can respect the brand’s heritage and wish to capitalize on its well-established reputation.

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