Brand nameAEG

Country of originGermany


Bringing Responsive and Intelligent Technology to Master Exceptional Results

Few brands have the staying power and the essential purity of AEG. From top to bottom, this brand exemplifies all that the best German marks stand for: a strong heritage, exceptional engineering, and enviable innovation.

In its more than 120 years of existence, AEG has proven to be synonymous with engineering excellence and quality. Moreover, the brand has gained a unique reputation as a pioneer in the industry, from product development to industrial design, being the first company to professionally develop its corporate identity and sustain a consistent, unified design.

The truly remarkable aspect of AEG is that it has managed to maintain its character and reputation across a wide spectrum of products, from appliances to power tools to toys! Consider this exceptional brand if you intend to focus on engineering and design and want to promote a German icon.

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