Benefits of working with us

The basic thought of Brand Licensing is to use the strenght from an established brand that already has consumer recognition and loyalty, instead of building an entirely new brand from scratch that takes decades to create.

Brand Licensing is a strategy to:

  • Grow in slow and/or fragmented markets
  • Capture new customer segments
  • Recapture lost customers
  • Expand into new product categories and markets
  • Capture new product price points and improve your margins.

We view all our licensing relationships as strategic partnerships. We license our brands to our partners to proctect our trademarks and drive additional revenue.

Our strategic partners license our brands from us to go to market faster and more effectively, while driving higher margins revenue and, ultimately, creating a more profitable business. 


The benefits of becoming an Electrolux Global Licensing Brand Partner also include vital responsibilities.

To qualify as a potential brand partner you must demonstrate that:

  • Our brand enhances the value of your offering
  • Your offering enhances the value of our brand

Each Brand Partner is entrusted not only with honoring the integrity of our brands, but also with maintaining and building their value. The brand promise that Electrolux makes to its customers is taken very seriously. We require that our Brand Partners do the same. If you are interested in becoming a Brand Partner within Electrolux Global Brand Licensing, please contact us